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We at CPS would like to welcome you to join our team.We welcome you to contact us for any questions or concerns before joing us. We want you to understand that you are about to join the most dedicated and growing team in the industry, and we would like you to consider joining CPS is for a long term career.

CPS’s Vision
Our vision is to create a uninterruptible working and living environment, and satisfy people’s demand of convenience and security.

CPS’s Mission
Developing innovative power supplying related products that meet the requirements of protecting the environment and saving energy, raise the living standard by applying CPS patented technologies.

Our Philosophy:
• To listen to our customers.
• To understand the customer's needs as our products development direction.
• To come out with better products serving our customers.
• To listen to our team members for better improvement on our products or CPS as a whole.
• To emphasize on quality, quality, and better quality.
• To eliminate "good enough" attitude.
• To respond quickly and decisively to the market and opportunities.
• To create an environment where ideas are encouraged, recognized and rewarded.
• To help employees grow personally and professionally.
• To work together toward to our goals and be rewarded together when team goals have achieved.

If you are an experienced engineer or specialized in power related electronics fields, or you have a clear marketing strategic that can take CPS to a higher level, and would like to consider joining CPS, please don’t hesitate to email us.

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