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CPS CCTV Camera Protector DC UPS - the world's most compact UPS!

Figure: CPS CCTV Camera Protector DC UPS Diagram Features

1. Input connector (5.5/2.1mm DC socket)  
2. Backup mode shutdown button  
3. Orange LED - Battery backup or adaptor power failure
4. Red LED - Flashing: Battery low; Still: Protection alarm
5. Blue LED - Protection mode ON
6. Green LED - Battery charging (off When Fully Charged)
7. Output cable

-Simple “plug and play” installation
-Ultra slim compact design
-Online style UPS design
-Operating temperature range 0~50℃
-Lithium Polymer battery technology
-Microprocessor embedded control
-Advanced battery life management system
-Surge and lightning protection
-Over voltage protection
-Overload/short circuit protection
-Auto start and manual on/off switch
-LED status indicators
-Uses standard 5.5/2.1mm DC connectors

The CPS DC-UPS is a small, compact “Online” 12V DC UPS system that provide back-up power in the event of an input power failure. Utilizing Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery technology, it can be used to back-up 12V DC devices up to 10W (800mA), such as CCTV cameras, access control equipments, or IP cameras.

There is no regular maintenance required of this device. If the device enters ‘Alarm’ mode, the cause of the failure should be investigated e.g. short circuit load or overload. The fault should be rectified before restoring power to the device.

Load Current    Estimated Backup Time (fully Charged)
Capacity          1250mAh        2200mAh
200mA               98 mins         178 mins
400mA               56 mins          98 mins
800mA               18 mins          38 mins

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