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Q: What is CCTV DC-UPS?

A: DC stands for: Direct Current. UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. Traditional Lead-Acid AC UPS are widely used in many industries. However, UPS for DVR backup system solution often run into a big problem which is wires run a long distance from one end to the other! CPS CCTV DC-UPS is one of the only kinds in the market that’s patented with wire-free solution, and the CCTV UPS is also equipped with better power efficiency. The CCTV UPS also has a much more cost effective advantage comparing to the traditional AC UPS in the market.

Q: Why uses DC-UPS?
A: Traditional AC UPS operates at least two times power conversion, and the power gets less efficient from each conversion. Take the off-line UPS as an example: AC 220V to DC 12V, 12V inverter to 220V. Most electronic circuits use only DC source to solve the power failure problem at the DC end since it has more advantages. CPS CCTV DC-UPS utilizes DC concept instead of the traditional AC concept UPS for the following reasons:

1.Less Space Required:
CPS CCTV DC-UPS dimension is only W3.25” x H2.25” x D1.25” (84x58x35 mm). On the contrary, the traditional UPS is at least 250x160x120mm. The compact CCTV UPS design allows the UPS built-in inside the CCTV water proof case. By average, user can save 95% space comparing to any traditional UPS system device.

2. Less Equipment Cost:
CPS CCTV DC-UPS saves a lot of wiring hassle, say, 50% cost less than a stand-alone UPS connected to a CCTV camera, and the CCTV DC-UPS provides better performance from its on-line design circuit. As a matter of fact, the CCTV DC-UPS cost is almost ignorable comparing to long distance wiring cost.

3. Less Power Consumption: 
CPS CCTV DC-UPS near dormant power consumption is only less than 0.1Watt. Traditional AC UPS power consumption is around 5Watt, and the CCTV DC-UPS exceeds up to 92% battery efficiency. It means CCTV DC-UPS system only consumes 50% less power than traditional AC-UPS system device.

4. Higher Reliability and More Robust:
CPS CCTV DC-UPS is a non-isolated design with mounting option close to the CCTV camera. When AC power source failed, or, AC/DC adaptor is damaged; the camera will still be operating as normal. It means having the CPS CCTV DC-UPS connected to the security system prevents any malfunctioned from unexpected factors.

5. Environmental Friendly:
Higher efficiency and ultra low power consumption creates less CO2 emission and causes less harm to the natural environment. CPS CCTV DC-UPS equips with Li-Polymer battery, which contains no hazardous materials. Therefore, CPS CCTV DC-UPS is truly a Green and environmental friendly product. It meets the RoHS, None lead-acid battery requirement.

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